Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes 

Whilst I enjoyed Falling Kingdoms I didn’t feel overly attached to it, but god damn this book really got me going. I hate when they put on the covers “if you liked blah you will like this” because often it just sets high standards, but this is honestly reminiscent of a YA version of Game of Thrones. There’s so much blood spilled, you can’t get attached to any characters because god knows who’s gonna cark it next.

I really enjoyed the character development of this book. I felt like I was actually beginning to understand the characters and their motives. At this point I’m desperate to see where the plot actually goes, because I can see the plots beginning to form and I’m excited. Every character is complex, which I think I’ve mentioned in past reviews of high fantasy as being something which is difficult, as it is. I’ve dabbled in writing myself and I found it really quite difficult to have a cohesive personality for each character that didn’t end up meshing together. You have people like Magnus who, I personally like despite him being a bit of a knob head because I can just tell from the way he’s written that there’s more than meets the eye.

I liked reading Magnus and Cleo’s chapters best, I feel like most of my intrigue came from what they would be doing. I don’t care for Lucia, something about her is fishy to me, and Jonas is just a bit of a plonker really.

I wrote a note to myself about someone being gay in this, and I had to remind myself so it’s obviously not a huge part of the book but it has the potential to be, and you know I’m all about that lgbt+ representation especially in fantasy books. For some reason in the fantasy genre it always seems to be some sort of middle aged kind of world where people are only allowed to be straight. What I would absolutely adore is a fantasy book something like this or Lord of the Rings or Throne of Glass, where it feels more like a less developed time period but with really open minded laws about sex. I think that would be really cool.

Something that popped out to me in this book  was how we get to see the change over of a crown. It’s not often that you see what happens before and after a big fight, most of the time the crazy ruler is already in place, so it was interesting to see what the people of the countries and the higher ups did. Whether they lied to stay alive or just went about their lives as if nothing had changed.

All in all a good second book, I’ve heard that the series just gets better as it goes on so I can’t wait to read the rest.


Bridget Jones’ Baby

When I first started this blog I had aimed to make it mainly book reviews with the occasional other media review, but currently the only other type of review on my blog that isn’t books is my review of The Cursed Child Play. I was so pleasantly surprised by Bridget Jones’ Baby that I just felt I had to write a review.

I’m a huge Richard Curtis fan, HUGE. Love Actually is my favourite film, I adore Four Weddings & A Funeral, and Notting Hill and I grew up watching The Vicar Of Dibley and Blackadder. So with that in mind, knowing that he wasn’t going to be involved in this entry in the Bridget Jones series made me uncertain of how good it would be. I went because my mum wanted to go and I can’t say no to a bit of Colin Firth (who I grew up loving because my mum was so in love with him and we watched his version of Pride and Prejudice all the time).

Lets be honest, the second Bridget Jones film was not great, this one, was more in line with the original film. It was light, funny and heartwarming.

If you didn’t know and didn’t see the trailers, Bridget Jones’ baby follows Bridget after she discovers she’s pregnant and doesn’t know whether it’s Mark’s or a random she shagged at a festival.

It’s been 12 years since the second film, but this film still managed to be funny with the same old humour but with a modern edge. Bridget is of course older and has trouble trying to balance trying to keep up with trends but also taking the piss out of them all.

The whole cast just really worked well together. The old group of friends were still fantastic despite being old married parents, Mark is still wonderful, and Bridget’s new friend from work, Miranda, is fucking hilarious. Of course Patrick Dempsey had some tough boots to fill being the new rival to Mark Darcy, but he brought his own charm to the film and fit right in with the British humour and I was quite impressed with him. Ed Sheeran had a cameo in the film and it was so funny every time and I don’t want to ruin it for everyone but I was howling.

Something that really jumped out at me as I watched it was the feminist undertones throughout the whole thing. Of course Bridget doesn’t know who the dad is and whilst characters make a joke about it, it’s made very clear that this is ok. Bridget has some moments where she feels like a bad person for it but she’s always reassured eventually by either herself or a friend. There’s even a scene where she has an absolute go at her mother about “family values” and I had to stop myself from clapping.

If you like the classic British rom com films you should go see this because it was just so good.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Play Review (Both Parts)

So hey… don’t hate me but I got to see the Harry Potter play. Don’t ask me how I managed to get tickets for the second week of it being out, I was just lucky and I still don’t know how it happened.

I saw so many reviews of the book version leading up to it and I know a lot of people didn’t completely adore it and had problems with certain parts of it, but I knew that reading a play and seeing a play are so different and also this was the original script before it was edited after the previews.

My fears were for nothing though because it was honestly so god damn good. Yeah ok the storyline wasn’t incredible or anything but it was on the level of the first few books in the HP series and it’s not like they’re going to have something like the Deathly Hallows on the stage that would be absolutely ridiculous.

The acting was so incredibly spot on. Every character felt right for me. I even felt like Hermione was a lot more true to her book part than her movie part, she was a lot more stern in the play which sometimes I think they missed out on in the films. Harry was spot on, there was no playing down of how much of a bloody idiot he can be at times. My complete stand out though was Scorpius. He was exactly how I imagined Scorpius Malfoy to be: awkward and funny. I could not take my eyes off him whenever he was on stage, I was entranced.

As for the overall plot, a lot of people were saying it was like fanfiction, but hey that’s not a bad thing. There’s so much fanfiction and a lot of it is incredibly good. Albus and Scorpius being friends and in Slytherin together is a common trope in fanfiction but honestly this just felt like fanservice, because it’s such a huge thing in the fanbase and I really loved that this was part of it. On the whole, the actual big baddie of the whole play wasn’t that scary for me and was kind of shadowed by the completely different worlds that were in it and how things could’ve been so different if it hadn’t happened the way it had.

There was a softer side of Malfoy shown in the play which made me so god damn happy. As a Slytherin and overall fan of Draco Malfoy it was so good to see him being shown in a better light. I have so many feelings about Draco and it’s felt to me for a long time that JK didn’t like him much but I’m so glad we got to see him as a dad who cares about his child.

Harry and Albus are absolute bloody idiots, but this was always the case for Harry. He was such a knob in the books sometimes and people are quick to forget that. He’s a well meaning person he just doesn’t go about things in the best way. He doesn’t always get things right and the play hinges on this but you can see the frustration of his character not knowing what to do to fix it.

Above all the production and stage management was the best part of the whole thing. The way they changed sets and did the magic was just incredible. It truly felt like magic in a way and I was amazed by how they pulled some things off. I did drama in school and performed in 3 musicals and I honestly couldn’t even imagine being on that level. I’ve seen a lot of performances in the West End and in theatres and this was probably the best thing I’ve seen for the way they performed everything on stage, it was honestly just incredible.

Honestly, it was an incredibly long day. Theatres in London are more often than not listed buildings so don’t have air con so being in a building like this with thousands of people for 5 hours was just exhausting. The seats aren’t too comfortable either, but again this is because they can’t change them so if you are planning on going wear something light but comfortable and maybe pack a cushion haha. Rupert Grint was at our performance too which was just ?!?!?!?!?!?!

If you read it and weren’t a huge fan go and see it honestly, it’s on a whole other level. If you read it and did love it I don’t need to tell you to see it.

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