Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes 

Whilst I enjoyed Falling Kingdoms I didn't feel overly attached to it, but god damn this book really got me going. I hate when they put on the covers "if you liked blah you will like this" because often it just sets high standards, but this is honestly reminiscent of a YA version of Game … Continue reading Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes 


Bridget Jones’ Baby

When I first started this blog I had aimed to make it mainly book reviews with the occasional other media review, but currently the only other type of review on my blog that isn't books is my review of The Cursed Child Play. I was so pleasantly surprised by Bridget Jones' Baby that I just … Continue reading Bridget Jones’ Baby

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Play Review (Both Parts)

So hey... don't hate me but I got to see the Harry Potter play. Don't ask me how I managed to get tickets for the second week of it being out, I was just lucky and I still don't know how it happened. I saw so many reviews of the book version leading up to … Continue reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Play Review (Both Parts)