Hi my name is Kirsty, I am a 24 year old maths graduate and I am based in Scotland. I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have started teacher training this year with the hopes of becoming a maths teacher so everything is a little full on but I’m trying my hardest.

I enjoy reading and have recently got back into the swing of reading after losing my excitement over it for a few years. So I am trying to catch up on recent books and I thought in doing so I would create a blog where I could speak about and review things I have read. Feel free to hit me up with recommendations that I may have missed.

I mainly like to read young adult novels, specifically fantasy, but I like a lot of other type of books like contemporaries, romance novels, historic novels, classics etc. I’m not a huge fan of crime or horror.

When I review a book there’s not a specific thing I focus on, like characterisation, plot, writing style etc., I just write about elements which jump out at me whether they be good or bad. I will give a book a rating on goodreads, however when reviewing on my blog I prefer not to give a rating as I feel that it could give someone a misconception of the book before even reading the review. If you would like me to review your book send me an email and I will let you know if it interests me, I prefer physical copies, but ebooks are ok too.

I occasionally review other types of media and as a feminist I’m always interested in discussions about books and how we can be more diverse in the community. In doing so I will sometimes link to other people’s reviews which come from a place of more understanding than me, i.e. someone who is POC or differently abled, if I link to a post you have made and you aren’t comfortable with that let me know and I will remove it!

If I have said anything offensive or harmful I can guarantee it’s either in ignorance or an accident but please endeavour to let me know, I don’t want to hurt anyone and I’m here to learn.

I am a Book Depository Affiliate and an Amazon Affiliate, if you read a review on my blog and decide to read the book after reading my review I would really appreciate you clicking my BD or amazon link!

Contact email: kirstyreadsblog@gmail.com




Wishlist (I don’t expect anyone to buy me anything I just have this here in case anyone is interested in what I want to buy)

snapchat: smearedeyes


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