July Wrap Up

I don’t really have much to update this month, all I’ve been doing is working my ass off and walking my dog. I’m so tired and I don’t even know how I’ve managed to read so many books this month.

I read 13 books this month:

The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater
Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin
I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson
Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout
A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas (review on Monday)
Half-Blood by Jennifer L.Armentrout (review on Friday)
Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli (review coming soon)
The Neverland Wars by Audrey Greathouse (review coming soon)
Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout (review coming soon)
The Haunted Pub by Melanie Tushmore (review coming soon)
Legend by Marie Lu (review coming soon)
Red Rising by Pierce Brown (review coming soon)

I posted reviews for last month’s reads:

The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson
The Second Love of my Life by Victoria Walters
City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare
In the Hope of Memories by Olivia Rivers

I bought 12 books this month:

Did I Mention I Love You? by Estelle Maskame
Off Campus by Amy Jo Cousins
Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch
One Perfect Summer by Paige Toon
An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir
Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
Demigods and Monsters by Raye Wagner
One by Sarah Crossan
Love and Other Unknown Variables by Shannon Lee Alexander
Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo (pre-order with BLACK AND RED PAGES!!!!!)
The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

I also posted a discussion post about sports in YA books and would love for you to check it out.

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Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

A lot of people I follow on youtube go on about this book, and I loved The Problem With Forever so I was keen to test this out. Whilst I found the writing and just general style of the book quite simple I also read through it so quickly and had a lot of fun reading it so sometimes simple isn’t always bad.

Katy has moved from Florida to West Virginia after her dad died and she discovers on her second day in her new tiny town that there is something kind of weird going on. Her neighbours are very strange and people refer to them as “them” as if they’re complete outsiders but she gets on incredibly well with the female twin and wants to find out why things seem so off.

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The Music Tag

Cheers to Lauren @ WonderlessReviews for the tag. I adore music so this was right up my street! Although putting my itunes on shuffle and not skipping is going to be a disaster and an embarrassment. (ok so I skipped some but that’s because I have like 10k+ tracks on my laptop and some of them I haven’t even listened to cut me some slack)

The Rules:

  • List the first 10 songs that come on shuffle (no skipsies).
  • Then write your favorite lyric (or verse) from each song.
  • Tag/link others

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I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

I really don’t know what I was expecting with this book but what I got was definitely not it. If you watch booktubers you’ve probably seen this book about because of it’s beautiful US cover, everyone was talking about it when it came out. It’s a book about a pair of fraternal twins and how they went from being thick as thieves to going weeks without conversation.

I’ll Give You the Sun is told in the perspective of both twins, Noah’s when they are aged 13-14 and Jude’s when they are aged 16. Noah’s perspective shows us the events leading up to their mother’s death and Jude’s shows that aftermath of her death (saying that she dies isn’t a spoiler you find that out pretty early on). The way it’s written we find out the story in parts through both perspectives, from the eyes of a young, confused teenager who is really quite angry at the world and how his angsty mistakes led to certain events and then we see from Jude’s perspective her figuring out what she’s been in the dark about for 3 years.

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Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin

This book was one of the most hyped books I’d heard of as of late so I was very glad when I managed to get my hands on a Galley of it. Thanks to netgalley and Orion Children’s Books for sending me a copy in return for an honest review.

The world of Wolf by Wolf is one where the Nazis and the axis powers won the second world war. I’m a huge fan of history and I studied the period of time from the first world war to the second world war a lot in school so this book sounded right up my street. Yael is a girl who had once been in a concentration camp and had been tested on to the point where she got an ability to change the way she looks, but she managed to escape and now is part of the resistance and she has been given the mission to kill Hitler.

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The Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

Thank you to Casey for the tag!

The rules are:

  1. Choose 5 books
  2. Randomly set your books in order
  3. Flip to a random page and record the first two names you come across
  4. Put the names in the categories listed below, in the order you saw them

Books I picked randomly off my shelf: Cinder by Marissa Meyer, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot, Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas and City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare.

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Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

I know a lot of people have a ship when it comes to this trilogy and it can be quite polarising, but I honestly could not pick between Will or Jem. There is a lot of angst in the book community over love triangles and I completely get the rage, they’re a trope that has been done to death, but when a book gets it right, it is so good and The Infernal Devices is one of these books.

I was very emotional reading this, I cried quite a few times. Not even just at sad bits but at times where I just knew things were ending and things were tying up and I just adored it. I loved how well everything tied up actually. There were loose ends but not major loose ends, enough that stuff can be mentioned in the rest of the books in this series that if you’ve read this you can pick up on them.

The Infernal Devices is by far better than The Mortal Instruments and I wish this was the one that had been adapted, though an adaption that was obviously better than TMI adaptions have been. Clare really fleshed out Magnus in this series, in a way that helps you understand how exactly he was living before he found Magnus in TMI. I’m going to read The Bane Chronicles after I read City of Heavenly Fire and I’m really excited to see how he is through every time in his life.

I won’t say much about it because obviously I don’t want to spoil anyone, and I try to post reviews that don’t contain any spoilers for the book, but the ending for this book was so perfect. For a person who didn’t really have a solid ship, the ending was exactly what I could have asked for and I was so happy about it.

All in all I adored this series, and the ending to it was just wonderful and if you’ve only ever read TMI but not TID what the hell are you doing? And if you’ve read some of TMI and didn’t enjoy it very much then try reading TID because it’s so different and so damn good.

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The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater

I’d heard from a lot of people that this was the book that made them finally fall for the characters in The Raven Cycle, and I can safely say this happened to me too.

I found myself really falling for the characters in this book, more so than in The Raven Boys. Gansey is so wonderfully odd, and I can completely empathise with Blue when she begins to crush on him because he is just so loveable.The book is so focussed on Ronan that you can’t help but like him. He’s had such a complicated life and this are just getting more and more confusing for him.

The one thing that I really found interesting in this book was the introduction of the Grey Man, who is a hit man after “Greywaren”. The way he is described is that everything about him is grey. He’s the perfect metaphor for depression, he clearly has depression as he says he finds it hard to get out of bed for days on end, but the fact that everything about his is grey is also just the best way of putting the feelings of depression into writing.

I’m still finding it a little hard to fully connect to the story, I think just because every thing is so weird. Don’t get me wrong, I like it and I plan on reading the whole series but I just can’t seem to really adore it. It’s so different, the writing is so wonderful but there’s not that certain something that I find with a lot of my favourite books and I’m quite sad about that because so many people I love have this in their favourites.


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Most Likely to Book Tag

Thanks to Calliope for the tag!

So the aim of this game is write down 18 character names on pieces of paper, and choose three out at a time. Then with each round, there will be three options, and you sort them into who would be “most likely to” do each thing.


Who’s most likely to…

1. Have kids first

2. Cry at a movie

3. Get arrested

Characters I picked: Cath from Fangirl, Ron from Harry Potter and Cinder from Cinder.

Cinder is definitely most likely to get arrested since well I’m not gonna spoil anything. Cath is most likely to cry at a movie and Ron is most likely to have kids first.


Who’s most likely to…

1. Become a crazy cat lady/man

2. Become a multi-millionaire

3. Start knitting as a hobby

Characters: I picked Celaena from Throne of Glass, Peeta from The Hunger Games and Jace from The Mortal Instruments

Jace is most likely to become a crazy cat man, Celaena needs to become a multi millionaire to keep up with her shopping habit and Peeta would definitely pick up knitting as a hobby because he’s squishy like that.


Who’s most likely to…

1. Be a closet nerd

2. Become an actor/actress

3. Fall down the stairs

Characters: Andie from The Unexpected Eveything, Nehemia from Throne of Glass and Katniss from The Hunger Games.

This is a toughy, I think Andie would be a closet nerd since she’s already hella smart, Nehemia would become and actress and Katniss would fall down the stairs.


Who’s most likely to…

1. Collect that many books they have a personal library

2. Win the Hunger Games

3. Be tumblr famous

Characters: Dorian from Throne of Glass, Hermione from Harry Potter and Clary from The Mortal Instruments

It’s pretty obvious Hermione would have a personal library, I think Dorian would win the Hunger Games because he’s been taught combat stuff being prince and all, and also other reasons which I don’t want to spoil and Clary would definitely be tumblr famous.


Who’s most likely to...

1. Go through a goth phase

2. Have a one night stand

3. Go to comic con

Characters: Clark from The Unexpected Everything, Kai from Cinder and Rowan from Throne of Glass

Ok easy one first, Clark would 100% go to Comic Con being a famous fantasy writer and all. Rowan would have a one night stand because he’s so old he’s probably already had plenty, and that leaves Kai to have a goth phase, which I think is pretty probable with his father dying and all.


Who’s most likely to…

1.  Get married

2. Have a cool mug collection

3. Be a night owl (stays awake most of the night)

Characters: Levi from Fangirl, Harry from Harry Potter and Magnus from The Mortal Instruments

Magnus is like 400 years old, don’t tell me he doesn’t have a cool mug collection. Harry we already know is a night owl because all he does is wander Hogwarts at night like a lunatic and Levi will probably get married. I also say Levi to get married because I hate the Harry/Ginny pairing so much.

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In the Hope of Memories by Olivia Rivers

Thank you to netgalley and Red Sparrow Press for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

In the Hope of Memories follows 4 kids on a scavenger hunt set by their dead friend. None of the kids had met prior to this hunt and learn things about each other and themselves.

This is the kind of plot you would expect in a John Green novel, however I found it generally more satisfying than most John Green novels I’ve read. This leaves you with a feeling of solution and that things are going to work out in the long run, whereas a lot of John Green novels just kind of end or have really irritating endings.

Every character has a completely different voice and it reads really well however I found it a very strange decision to have Sam’s chapters in completely lower case and the way everything in general was edited for them. I understand that it’s to show they were so much more immersed in online jargon but it was just really jarring. I cannot stand when things are completely lower case. Kali was honestly just the worst person and I thought it was great that Rivers showed that people sometimes aren’t likeable and still have problems.

Each POV character has a different problem and they’re all so well developed, you really get a feel for each person and how they came to have the personalities they have and how they lead the lives they lead. I found it really important that Sam was just Sam and that the other characters used they/them pronouns. Aiden was written really well, his OCD was written perfectly, the anxiety that comes from things being “wrong” when you have mental illness.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this after the first couple of chapters but I’m glad I read it because it was different and a good read and it was nice to read something that didn’t have a current romance aspect.

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