Bridget Jones’ Baby

When I first started this blog I had aimed to make it mainly book reviews with the occasional other media review, but currently the only other type of review on my blog that isn’t books is my review of The Cursed Child Play. I was so pleasantly surprised by Bridget Jones’ Baby that I just felt I had to write a review.

I’m a huge Richard Curtis fan, HUGE. Love Actually is my favourite film, I adore Four Weddings & A Funeral, and Notting Hill and I grew up watching The Vicar Of Dibley and Blackadder. So with that in mind, knowing that he wasn’t going to be involved in this entry in the Bridget Jones series made me uncertain of how good it would be. I went because my mum wanted to go and I can’t say no to a bit of Colin Firth (who I grew up loving because my mum was so in love with him and we watched his version of Pride and Prejudice all the time).

Lets be honest, the second Bridget Jones film was not great, this one, was more in line with the original film. It was light, funny and heartwarming.

If you didn’t know and didn’t see the trailers, Bridget Jones’ baby follows Bridget after she discovers she’s pregnant and doesn’t know whether it’s Mark’s or a random she shagged at a festival.

It’s been 12 years since the second film, but this film still managed to be funny with the same old humour but with a modern edge. Bridget is of course older and has trouble trying to balance trying to keep up with trends but also taking the piss out of them all.

The whole cast just really worked well together. The old group of friends were still fantastic despite being old married parents, Mark is still wonderful, and Bridget’s new friend from work, Miranda, is fucking hilarious. Of course Patrick Dempsey had some tough boots to fill being the new rival to Mark Darcy, but he brought his own charm to the film and fit right in with the British humour and I was quite impressed with him. Ed Sheeran had a cameo in the film and it was so funny every time and I don’t want to ruin it for everyone but I was howling.

Something that really jumped out at me as I watched it was the feminist undertones throughout the whole thing. Of course Bridget doesn’t know who the dad is and whilst characters make a joke about it, it’s made very clear that this is ok. Bridget has some moments where she feels like a bad person for it but she’s always reassured eventually by either herself or a friend. There’s even a scene where she has an absolute go at her mother about “family values” and I had to stop myself from clapping.

If you like the classic British rom com films you should go see this because it was just so good.

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One thought on “Bridget Jones’ Baby

  1. I thought that the story was a bit silly, but I hadn’t seen a funniest movie in ages. This was hilarious and I really appreciate when they make me laugh out loud (which is not that easy).

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