February Wrap Up

Hey everyone! Hope you have had a good month. This month saw some of the most activity on my blog since like August 2017 so I would like to say thank you for that! I went to a couple of Rugby games at the start of this month which started well and then went sour. … Continue reading February Wrap Up


January Wrap Up

Hello all! I've had a pretty slow month, how about you? I turned 25 on the 20th which was fine, until everyone started making comments like "oh you're a quarter of a century" "you're halfway to 50". Can I get new friends please? I also booked a holiday to Disneyland Paris in March with Jess and … Continue reading January Wrap Up

Favourite Books of 2018

2018 has been an interesting year for my reading. I finished my goal of 100 books, which is always my goal, in about September. Since then I have really struggled with my reading. October until now has been a long slump with random bursts of reading at certain points. I'm hoping I can get my … Continue reading Favourite Books of 2018