The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

content warnings: mild homophobia, fatphobia, girl on girl hate, addiction

Rebecca is a shopaholic. She spends way more than she earns and is in a huge amount of debt, but she can’t stop spending. She goes through many different attempts to help her spending, like cutting back and getting a second job, but nothing works. And the bank is chasing her up, but still, she spends.

This is the pinnacle of classic modern UK Chick lit. I’ve had a fair few people talk to me about it and recommend it, so when I saw it was discounted on kindle I thought I would grab it. And honestly, I don’t get the huge love for it. It was ok, I didn’t hate it, but I’m not bothered about continuing and I’ve read better from Kinsella. I think Kinsella is better in the stand-alone novels she writes.

The pacing was just so off. It took SO long to get to the stuff I actually cared about. Like yes, I know this is about a shopaholic but there was just way too much about her spending habits especially when the main character is clearly addicted to shopping and needs help and somehow no one notices that? This book could have brought so much discussion about addictions not just being substances and it didn’t, which really disappointed me.

I hate talking about spoilers in these reviews, but there was no resolution in regards to her shopping addiction. She manages to dodge the bank until luck falls in her lap and lands her a big job opportunity, so she’s still going to shop with no awareness of needing help, and that really frustrated me.

The romance just went from 0 to 100 pretty quickly after it not being there for 60% of the book. I swear they had like 5 conversations before things were heating up. I know nothing about the leading man.

Now you may be thinking, based on the last few paragraphs that I hated this book. I didn’t, it was fine. I was definitely disappointed but it was ok. I do love Kinsella’s writing style and find her super funny I just think this one wasn’t her best.

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