Autoboyography by Christina Lauren

Oh my god where do I start on this book.

cw: closeting, mormons, homophobia

Autoboyography is about Tanner, a boy who had to move to Utah and go back in the closet after being out as bi in California. In his final year of high school he takes a class where he has to write a book in a semester. And he begins to fall for the mentor of this course, who is a mormon boy.

I absolutely adored this book. I read it just after I dropped out of my uni course and had tons of time on my hands and just sped through it in one night. I think it tackled the issues involved beautifully. I just felt so heartbroken and so full at the same time when I finished it. I had to hold myself back from buying a copy in Waterstones the other week, but I really want to buy it and read it again to be honest.

I absolutely adored Sebastian and Tanner, and their relationship. They both make some dodgy choices and mess up, but it just reads so well because you know they are just trying to find their place in their world.

It was interesting to read about their relationship as someone who doesn’t know too much about Mormons I felt like I learnt about them with Tanner. It felt well researched.

Making Tanner a bi character was a really good choice from the author, they could’ve made him gay, but they chose to have him represent a sexuality that can often get left behind and it’s so important to have more representation for bisexual people. I think it also brought some more interesting situations that wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t bi. And whilst I’m not bi, I am pan and those sexualities are pretty similar and some of Tanner’s emotions were so relatable to me. Ugh I just loved him.

I honestly don’t really know what else to say bar loving this book and wanting everyone to read it.

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