Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

content warning: fat shaming, um I can’t remember what else

If you haven’t read Dumplin’ yet, do it.

Dumplin’ is about a girl called Willowdean who is fat and has been told by her mother her whole life that if she could just lose a few lbs she could compete in the Beauty pageant she runs. But Willowdean doesn’t care about her weight. And she decides to show her mother this by taking part in the Pageant with a bunch of her “unattractive” friends.

At times reading this I was so close to tears because it was so damn relatable. This was the book I needed in my life. As a fat girl a book about a fat girl taking part in a beauty pageant and having a requited flirtation with a cute boy is so validating. I’ve seen some people call this “wish fulfilment” and I can’t tell you how angry that makes me. Because god forbid a cute skinny boy falls for a fat girl. I just love this book so much because t reminds that there’s nothing wrong with being fat and that doesn’t make me unwantable.

I love Willowdean so much she’s my big baby. She’s so strong and confident, I wish I’d read this when I was a teenager so I would’ve had Willowdean to relate to. Her friends are wonderful, Bo is wonderful, and they all stick up for each other and don’t let bullies get away with terrible behaviour.

The writing is wonderful, the pacing is just fast enough that you want to keep reading but not so that you rush through it and skip important parts.

I’m honestly struggling to talk about this because I just don’t know how to explain to you what this book meant to me.

This book is hilarious and deserves all the love it gets. I cannot wait for the movie.

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