Sanctuary by Rebekah Weatherspoon – There’s 5 Dogs That’s All You Need to Know

Thank you Rebekah Weatherspoon for sending me a copy of this book! CW for violence, death, and bdsm sex scenes.

So if you haven’t read a Rebekah Weatherspoon book by now or at least added one to your TBR what the heck are you playing at? Her books are incredible.

After being attacked by a former client Liz needs to go into hiding for fear of her life. So she goes to upstate New York to stay on a farm with her coworkers brother, Silas, who is a huge grump. But he has 5 dogs, so it’s not all bad.

So the romance is so good. If you like hate to love/fake dating this is 100% for you, especially if you like some really heavy sex scenes. Liz is a dominant which is just great, it’s not often you find female doms in books. There’s so much discussion about it as well between the pair of them, like their comfort levels and how far they want to go. I just was so happy reading it because it’s so good to see on page discussion of kinks and stuff. It fills my heart with joy.

One thing that I was really so happy about is that Silas is half Scottish and Rebekah actually seemed to do her research for Scottish stuff. Like she used the correct form of whisky. If a whisky is made in Scotland it doesn’t have an e in it. And it drives me absolutely mad when people write it with the e. The other half of Silas’ heritage is polynesian, which was super cool to read. Liz is black as well so it’s just got some good representation all around. There’s some on the page talk of what it’s like to deal with assault as a black woman, versus how it would be if she was white.

There’s some inputs from Liz’s friends, who are all such sweet women and I’m SO HERE for positive female friendships. One of Liz’s friends is our heroine from the last Beards & Bondage novel and it was nice to read about them.

I’m really excited to read whatever Rebekah comes out with next because I’m always going to jump at the chance to read it and so should you!

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