Asia Travel Blog #4 – Hong Kong

So to set the scene I’m going to tell you how our journey to Hong Kong started. We got on the bus to board our flight from Shanghai (click for my post on China) and were driven around for about 20 minutes, then we were taken back to the terminal. When we got back to the terminal they told us our flight was delayed and they would update us. About an hour later we finally boarded the plane. Where we sat on the tarmac for 3 hours.

Thankfully we eventually got to Hong Kong, Joanne tells me the flight was the worst turbulence ever, as we went through a huge storm but I slept through it.

Our hotel was one of those like tiny box rooms like most hotels in Hong Kong are because they have too many people for the space but for how small the room was they have good spatial management and it actually felt clean.

Hong Kong is such a weird place because obviously it’s Cantonese so has a lot of Chinese values inbedded in their infrastructure but because British people were so involved in the build up of at as a City there’s some really Western behaviours and the two do not create a good mix in my opinion because the people are pretty pushy. And lets not even talk about how many people tried to sell me shit.

On the first day we took a trip to the Big Buddha, like the typical White Girls we are. If you went to Hong Kong and didn’t get a picture with Big Buddha did you really go to Hong Kong?

When we got there there was just so many white people doing stupid things and I was so ashamed to be the same race as them. And then a huge tour group of Latinx students appeared and it was like they were having some sort of photoshoot for a magazine honestly I’ve never seen so many people take so many ridiculous photos. We spent at least 20 minutes just watching them and taking the piss out of them. I understand getting a few selfies and group shots because hey we did that but man going so overboard is just a bit disrespectful.

After visiting the Big Buddha we went for a wander around Hong Kong island before heading to the Happy Valley Race Course, which was very surreal. It was the equivalent of £1 to get in and just watch. I don’t like Horse Racing so I only went because Joanne wanted to go, but again I spent the majority of the time there people watching. There were these very weird model types advertising Quiksilver but we have no idea why and a pair of them were flirting until his girlfriend appeared thinking she was bloody Gigi Hadid and marked her territory, it was hilarious. There was also a band who thought they were the best band ever and they kept playing very bizarre songs.

On our second full day in Hong Kong we decided to go to Disney as we originally planned to go on our last day but there was weather warnings so we didn’t want to miss going.

If you’re in Hong Kong you have to go to Disney because it’s fucking empty, it’s amazing. You can go around the park twice in one day, I went on Space Mountain twice (which is a feat in its self as I hate coasters) which you should know is super difficult to do normally. Please look at the pics below and see the ridiculous ride photo we got. Joanne got her degree classification whilst we were there, so we were crying into our veggie curry’s in Disney.

On our final day we went up to Victoria Peak on the tram, which was a bit terrifying to be honest. We bought our tickets as a combo ticket for the 360 view but once we got up there the cloud was just not moving. They hadn’t even warned us when we got our ticket which I think was pretty shitty but hey capitalism. The staff kept telling us the cloud was moving but it didn’t really.

We took the Star Ferry around the harbour, I felt like I was going to vomit most of the time, which I’m not normally like on boats but man alive it was so bumpy.

Later on that day we saw the Symphony of Lights, which was also super disappointing as it wasn’t even anything fantastic it was just some lights and everyone was pure buzzing and I was just like… is that it? We then got some pizza that was larger than our faces.

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3 thoughts on “Asia Travel Blog #4 – Hong Kong

  1. Oh as a Hong Konger, I’m so sorry that you didn’t really enjoy your trip here! It’s probably the timing, I think. The typhoon just went away yesterday and the weather these days was just not that good. I really hope you’ll try to pay HK a visit again at a better time, probably around Christmas? Our winters weren’t that cold so you don’t need to bring many clothes. And the Christmas decorations and lights on the buildings are really pretty. It would also be better if you go to some less popular tourist spots. There are some locations here that are beautiful and relaxing, in contrary to our busy lives, that few tourists go to. 🙂

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    1. I did enjoy my time there, I went at the beginning of June so it was just at the beginning of rainy season. We were well aware we were going to the heavily tourist spots so not really that bothered by it it was mostly just remarks I thought to myself that I put into this. It’s the same where I live there’s so many people that go to select spots so I was expecting it. Just peoples behaviours made me laugh you know. We were only there 3 days though so it was hard to pick what to put into those 3 days

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