Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han

When this book was announced I really wasn’t sure what I felt about it. I loved To All the Boys I Loved Before, then Ps I Still Love You wasn’t as good but I also thought it rounded the series out quite well and suddenly a third book gets announced and I was very conflicted. I really enjoy the characters that Jenny created with this series but I was worried what she was going to do with the third book. I was also terrified she was going to split up Lara Jean and Peter K.

Lara Jean is in her senior year of high school and her and Peter K. are solid but then applications for college start to happen and the anxiety of whether Lara Jean will get in to where she wants to go causes a lot of unwanted stress.

I liked this book more than the second book but it still wasn’t as good as the first. What I did like though was seeing characters I knew go through the stress of college applications because often in books you’re introduced to the characters as they’re going through it. I also liked that there was the possibility of Lara Jean and Peter not having that happily ever after at the same college. And I really liked how anxiety was portrayed differently with each character, some were obvious and some were more subtle but it was there and good to read.

Lara Jean was acting really weird with Kitty at times in the book, she was really quite sexist which I found quite out of character. She was trying to force Kitty into wearing a dress even though Kitty didn’t want to wear one and it made me uncomfortable to read.

There was a lot of Hamilton references which I absolutely adored but like I’ve said in a lot of reviews references can really date books.

Overall I would say this was a good addition to the series. As much as I enjoyed the series as a duology I would be lying if I said I wasn’t happy to dive back into the lives of the Song sisters.

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