See You In The Cosmos by Jack Cheng

Thank you to netgalley and for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This was an interesting little book. The style was really easy to read and I enjoyed what I read but it’s a middle grade book and I think some of the themes in this weren’t exactly suitable for children.

All Alex wants to do is send his iPod into space so that aliens can learn about life on Earth. He goes to a space festival over a weekend with his dog but suddenly things start to change which stops him from returning home and suddenly he’s on an adventure that he never expected to be going on.

I found the adults to be a bit out of it? Like I don’t understand how Zen just went along with the plan to find the dad in Las Vegas, I don’t feel that’s very responsible. I completely get that the mother has a mental problem which is why she didn’t care that her son went away on his own for a weekend but it really bothered me that the older brother knew that things weren’t right at home but continued to work in a different state and didn’t check in very much.

For sure this book is about people’s mental health, their relationships and adults not being very “adult” and I completely understood that point but it just angered me a lot of the time.

I really loved Terra. Even though she barely knew Alex she really cared, more than most of the people in his life already did.

This book was easy to read and if you want a middle grade book with some diverse characters by an author of colour then maybe add this to your TBRs, but I will warn you there’s some triggers to do with mental illnesses and parents not caring etc but if you’d like to ask me more about it I’m always here to answer questions.

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