George by Alex Gino

I’m cis so I’m sorry if I say anything offensive in this review by mistake, as with all reviews please let me know.

When I become a teacher this is one of the books I’m going to recommend to all my children. I think it perfectly summed up what being trans is for a child’s mind. And it really came at gender from a point of view that so many children won’t be exposed to.

All George wants is to play Charlotte in their school’s production of Charlotte’s Web but her teacher tells her she can’t because she’s a boy and Charlotte’s a girl and that would be too confusing for he audience. Instead George’s best friend gets the role and George feels incredibly downhearted.

The thing that really stood out to me was from the beginning the author called George she, there was no transition moment where it went from male pronouns to female pronouns or anything like that and I imagine it’s because the book is own voices. I think that was really good at explaining what being trans or non binary is, you don’t suddenly wake up and feel different, that’s who you are. Which I know, and I’m sure you know, but this is a middle grade book and for kids who might have never heard of being trans before it would be a lot more understandable for them and could be a gateway into learning more.

It’s a short book and a quick read so if you’re looking for a positive Trans read then this will get you feeling emotions in a short space of time.

George was the sweetest character and he relationships with both her brother and her best friend made me so happy because they were so understanding. I was brought to tears by her interactions with these characters sometimes. But then I was also brought to tears at interactions with George’s mother, who wasn’t understanding. It was important to be shown both sides of the coin though because too often trans kids don’t have any support from anyone.

As I’m not trans I can’t speak for the representation in this book but I felt like it was pretty spot on and from the reviews I’ve seen people seem to be happy with it. I hope you all find time to read this book because I think it is incredibly important.

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