Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

In Flawed if you make an error in judgement, or do something that other people consider wrong morally the government will take you to trial and brand you “Flawed”. Being Flawed doesn’t make you a criminal but from the way the rest of the world treats you it’s basically like being a prisoner in your own home. Celestine doesn’t see anything wrong with this system until one day a Flawed old man needs a seat on the bus or he will collapse and Celestine offers him her seat to the shock of everyone on the bus

For me this definitely wasn’t a stand out book in the dystopian genre. There were some really interesting concepts but the execution just wasn’t what I wanted it to be. It kind of felt like a mix of Divergent and Twilight. The main character becomes obsessed with this random guy she doesn’t even have a conversation with in prison because to her he’s the example of what it means to resist the government. She was constantly thinking about him when she doesn’t even know who he was and that really brought my feelings of the book down. I would even say it felt like Ahern is trying to set up a love triangle for the second novel, but we don’t even get to know one of the characters so I don’t understand how you’re supposed to pull for them to be a couple.

What I did like was that the MC was a biracial mathematician. Now I’m not congratulating Ahern for putting a character in a book who is biracial because it’s not something that should be congratulated it should just happen, but I appreciated that it was part of it, and highlighted in the writing. And I’m a mathematician it’s nice for me to read a book where the MC is one too, especially in YA where there isn’t really much talk of maths.

I appreciated what Ahern was going for with the idea behind it. A world in where everyone has to be “good” and the question of what a person considers good and how one person can’t be the ruling body on what is “good” behaviour, but I felt like the plot let the idea down at times. It felt a bit unbelievable and at times I was rolling my eyes just because it was just so stereotypically YA dystopian.

As this is a duology I’m still planning on reading the sequel as it doesn’t require me reading numerous more books just to find out how it ends, though as of writing this review a lot of what happened in the book is a bit of a blur to me.

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4 thoughts on “Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

  1. Great Review! This book has so many mixed reviews! I like reading love triangles but I don’t think I would enjoy this one. The plot sounds very interesting so I might give this a try when I have nothing interesting to read.

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