The Curse of the Bruel Coven by Sabrina Ramoth

Thanks to netgalley and Sabrina Ramoth for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Vivienne finds out that her mum wasn’t her actual mum after she dies and her birth mother was a witch who gave her up for adoption to protect her from the curse on her family.

I often talk about bad pacing in books, more often than not it’s too slow but this was just too fast. I had no idea what was going on half the time because it was moving so quickly. I didn’t learn much about the characters but suddenly the adventure was already beginning. Ramoth seems to have the same problem that I do when I write and that is not describing things enough and not taking the time to slow things down a bit. If you like fast paced books then this is the one for you. I just didn’t read enough character development. Because it’s so fast paced it’s definitely the kind of book to read if you are in need of a book to read quickly for a bibliothon or a challenge.

I liked the premise and the setting. Since watching AHS: Coven the idea of witches in New Orleans has always interested me. And having vampires in it made it a little bit better, I still like vampires. I liked that the MC was getting flashbacks to previous generations of her family and she had to figure out what was going on.

I wish the MC had phoned her gran because it was like “well I’ve found out she’s not my actual gran so I’m going to go find my birth mother and forget my gran exists. It just felt really rubbish to me. And on top of that the whole thing starts with her wanting to find her birth mother than her birth mother is kidnapped and we start to learn about all her extended family and there was just too many characters.

This review probably makes it sound like I didn’t like this book and honestly it was ok, I didn’t hate it, I just felt like the writing could use some work.

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