Discussion: Multiple books in the same world

I’ve been thinking to myself lately about how authors tend to settle into loving the worlds the build and writing in that world and not doing much else. One of the people most well known for this is Cassandra Clare. I’m not the biggest fan of Clare as a person so this is coming from a pretty unbiased point of view I think, but people seem to ridicule her a lot for writing multiple books in the same world. They talk as if there is something wrong with this, as if she hasn’t written other books, like the Magisterium series, as if this is something out of the norm.

Now I am in no way comparing Clare to him, but Terry Pratchett wrote so many Discworld books, but I never saw anyone complaining about that. Rick Riordan has written 3 series based around the Greek Gods. There are so many other fantasy writers who write many books in the same world, though now I’m thinking about it the majority of which are male. I would also say that whilst there isn’t as much hate as Clare gets, J.K. Rowling gets a lot of people saying “ugh can she not write something else” when she adds something to the Harry Potter universe, as if people haven’t been so desperate for more of the Wizarding World that it has the biggest archive of fanfiction available.

Is this a misogyny thing or is it that people just love to hate Cassandra Clare? Yes, I’ll grant you she hasn’t done great things in the past, I’ve read so much about the things she did when she wrote fanfiction, and since then as well, but that has nothing to do with her continually writing in the same world. And it’s not as if it’s the same characters for all the books she writes, The Infernal Devices was set in the 1800s for goodness sake.

The other thing that I thought about was that a lot of the people who complain about authors writing about the same world are more often than not people who wouldn’t be buying any of the books the author writes anyway regardless of what world they’re set in. To add to that, they don’t take into account how much work an author puts into creating a world, they come up with so much content that a lot of people will literally never see because it’s irrelevant to the books themselves and is just part of the world, and I imagine it’s completely exhausting just thinking of it all.

Have you noticed any other authors get hate for writing in the same world when others have not? Do you think it’s misogyny or just bandwagon hate?

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4 thoughts on “Discussion: Multiple books in the same world

  1. As women we get so much s*** and I haven’t heard people complain so much about Rick writing the same world as Cassie does. Like let her be!!! Even JK get’s more crap than other man out here. So yes, I think it’s misogyny. If both these ladies want to write a million books in the same world, then sure why not? As long as it’s not problematic trash, have at it! Not like we live in the same world where different things happen.
    Great discussion post! You made solid points here ❤

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  2. Yeah I have no problem with authors doing this- in fact there are some authors (like J K Rowling) who I wish would do more of it (though personally I would prefer that a) she does the writing and b) she writes novels specifically- not that she has to listen to me or anyone else on that!) The only issue I find with Clare is that her stories, rather than simply her world, are getting a bit repetitive and her characters are getting samey. For that reason, I’m personally going off Clare’s work- but if other people want to keep reading her books, more power to her! But no, I personally don’t think this is a misogyny thing, cos the fact that they’re women hasn’t come into it (perhaps the reason it’s female authors here is that they dominate the YA market where this issue arises more- I think realistically, people don’t seem to care about this issue in, say, adult fantasy). Anyway, awesome discussion to have!

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