Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

I was again very struck by how well this book has been adapted whilst reading this. As I’d already watched season 2 of the show I knew what to expect and honestly I was really surprised how well it had translated. Especially since this book is so long.

Which was my main annoyance with this book: it was long. Yes I knew what I was getting into but it just felt unnecessary at times. I would even say there was certain bits that was glanced over that the show went into more depth with, that were tough scenes, and then parts that were unimportant went into far too much detail.

And whilst I’m on the subject of the show vs. the book, I feel like the book actually pales in comparison to the show with its secondary characters. The characters like Angus, Rupert and Louise were barely even there in the books, mostly just mentioned in passing, and I would’ve liked to read more about them because I like them in the show.

I know a lot of people don’t like Briana, and I think that begins in the later books but so far I enjoyed her parts in this book. I liked the bits in the future where Claire is trying to explain and Roger investigating trying to corroborate with Claire’s story. It mixed things up a bit. And it’s made me interested to see what’s going to happen in the 3rd book as I know that it’s set in the 1760s.

Getting to see a different setting was also cool, I liked seeing the French court and the inner political workings. The thing I also like and I noted it to myself when I watched the show and I was glad it was shown this way in the book is that Bonnie Prince Charlie is shown to be what he actually was, a giant idiot. Somehow over the years he’s been romanticised into this pillar of Scottish Independence and patriotism but he was a blithering fool, and as this book has romanticised the Scottish way of life quite a bit I was worried that that would happen with the Young Pretender, but it didn’t. As I’m from the Isle of Skye I know a fair amount about Prince Charlie due to him hiding out here and escaping thanks to Flora McDonald, and there is specific history of my village to do with it all, so I was definitely going to be very critical of it.

I think it’ll be a wee while before I pick up Voyager because 1. I’m still annoyed about what DG said about people who work in the service industry, 2. THESE BOOKS ARE TOO DAMN LONG I HAVE OTHER STUFF TO DO

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