Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Lola is very happily in a relationship with her older rocker boyfriend, even though her parents hate him. Then her least favourite pair of twins move back in next door and she feels like the happy life she has set up for herself is going on a steady downward spiral.

I liked that whilst this was part of the series it also could be completely read as a stand alone. Anna and Etienne from the previous novel are in it but there’s nothing about them being there that would make you confused and wish you had read Anna and the French Kiss. That being said, I don’t think I know anyone who read this before Anna.

I really was not a fan of Lola, she felt like one of those hipsters who tried too hard to be “quirky” and I just wasn’t about it. She was a bit selfish sometimes too and for someone who thought she was so mature she just wasn’t. I think a huge part of why I didn’t like Lola was that she continued to stay with her boyfriend despite her parents and best friend not liking him. Personally if my friends tell me they don’t like someone I’m romantically interested in I will listen to what they’re saying because there will definitely be a reason that I’m not seeing. Max was also just a bit of a jerk, never mind the fact that he was in his early 20s dating a 17 year old, does he not have girl’s to date his own age?

Lola had the same problem that Etienne had in the previous novel in that she just couldn’t seem to break it off with her boyfriend even though she was basically emotionally cheating on him. That being said though, Cricket was miles better than Max (still shouldn’t cheat though), he was sweet, loyal and didn’t make me want to kick his head in.

There was some ok diverse representation in this, including gay dads, where you got to meet Lola’s birth mum and saw how much of a riot she was and how her dads were much better for her (something I easily understand but is good to see in young adult books which could possibly make kids see things differently) and a Korean best friend.

I have already read Isla and the Happily ever After and it’s safe to say that Lola was my least favourite book in the series, it didn’t have the charms that Anna and Isla had and something just felt off to me.

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4 thoughts on “Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

  1. That’s so funny that you read this after Isla- I did the *exact* same thing!! I also felt like this felt off in comparison to the other two in the series- mostly cos I, like you wasn’t keen on Lola. I felt the exact same about how she was a little irritating and was trying wayy too hard to be this “hipster eccentric coolcat” character. I just did not connect with her at all. Great review!


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