Blog Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of my first ever post on my blog so I consider it my anniversary! I just wanted to take some time to thank everyone for the comments/likes/follows. I Have over 350 followers at this point which to be honest I didn’t expect at all. I didn’t even think I would last this long with my blog as I lose interest in things easily.

A lot of people do Q&As on their anniversary but I don’t feel like I’m interesting enough to do that.

Thank you for your attention over the last year! I’ve met so many nice people online thanks to this blog and I’m really glad I started it.

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25 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary

  1. A very happy blogoversary, Kirsty, and congratulations on one year of blogging! Here’s to many more years of fun and love doing this, I hope! Also, don’t say you’re not interesting enough to do a Q&A, I am certain that you are and could come up with a couple questions for sure to ask you πŸ˜€

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      1. I understand the feeling, but well, if there’s any question you don’t feel comfortable answering, then…well it’s your blog, so you answer the ones you want to answer πŸ™‚

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