One by Sarah Crossan

This was my first time with a book that was written in verse and honestly I don’t really get it, but this was still a really good read and because it was in verse it was short and impactful. Again like I’ve said in previous reviews I’ve tried to make sure my language isn’t offensive or harmful, but of course I can make mistakes, I don’t know anyone who is a conjoined twin, so if I write anything in this review that isn’t right please let me know and I will correct it asap!

Tippi and Grace are twins who are conjoined at the waist, so have 2 hearts and 2 legs. But they’ve been conjoined a lot longer than a lot of twins are and they feel like they are a ticking time bomb. Then their parents tell them they’re running out of money and have to go to school instead of being home schooled and their lives start to change dramatically.

I’ve never really thought about conjoined twins and how they live their lives. How difficult it must be to share a body with someone. There’s a little bit of romance in this book which I think really showed how restricting it must be to be a conjoined twin because your sibling would literally be everywhere you go so you wouldn’t get a moment of privacy with someone you had a crush on. And whilst a conjoined twin would fin that a lot of the time of course with things like showering or just wanting time to think to yourself, those are often common things with siblings (obviously not to the same extent) butI just felt it was characterised really well in the bit of romance.

I wish we could have seen a little bit from Tippi’s perspective as everything is from Grace’s perspective.It would’ve been nice to see what Tippi thought about certain situations.

I felt like everything had been researched really well by Crossan, and it read like that without having too much complicated explanations. But she’s not a conjoined twin so it might not be entirely accurate, so apologies if my review is too positive and it turns out to be a harmful book.

Something that really hit me with this book was how people with disabilities end up having to sell their stories to tv networks just for money to keep themselves living with a roof over their head. Honestly I often see adverts for shows about people’s lives living with whatever disability or whatever facial differences and think to myself “why on earth have they done that, the network is just using them and embarrassing them” not even thinking about how desperately in need of money they could be, especially as many people cannot work and have extortionate medical bills to pay for. This book really opened my eyes.

This book is hard hitting and really captures the bond of sisterhood. I truly believed that Tippi and Grace would do anything for each other, of course they had little fights and grievances, but you could really feel the love they felt for each other.

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