The Black Prism by Brent Weeks

What an interesting world Brent Weeks has built with this world. I want to read the rest of the series but the books are so big that I just can’t hack it right now, but I just want to see what else happens.

The Prism, Gavin Guile, finds out he has an illegitimate child which could literally throw everything in his life into a state of flux. On top of that there is rising frustration in one of the kingdoms towards the ruling power and means that Gavin is heading into a war.

Something I really loved about this book was how women are regarded in the world. They aren’t just side characters, they hold most of the power. Generally women have better powers and are better respected, the only man who is in a big position of power is Gavin himself and that’s only because he’s the Prism. ON TOP OF ALL THIS there is talk of periods (you know I love talk of periods) and not just “oh yeah I’m bleeding” but diarrhoea, cramps, fainting, the things that the majority of people who have a period go through. AND there’s a bit of female masturbation. It’s clear that Weeks isn’t afraid of women like some male writers are, he isn’t afraid to think of women being involved in things that are “taboo”.

Another thing that was kind of different from the norm was our token “chosen one” type character, Kip, was a fat kid. You never see that. I really liked reading the scenes where he struggled with something due to his weight or inactiveness, it presented issues that aren’t usually found in fantasy books with big quests etc. because it’s always people who are skinny or fit.

There is so much humour in this, I was killing myself laughing at times. Some of it is dark, some of it is smart and some of it is just silly but it made me read through so much more enjoyable.

There’s so many well thought out characters and everyone had their own voice. I find with many high fantasy reads the author gets so bogged down in creating millions of character (*cough* GRRM *cough*) and as a reader it can be really hard to remember every single person. With this book I didn’t struggle with that. Yes there was a few characters, but there wasn’t too many, and the important ones really stood out and I knew exactly who they were.

There’s so many damn twists and turns in this book I never know what was going to happen next. So many times I sat there going WTF. I often can see twists before they happen but man so many of these left me reeling. It made reading even more satisfying.

This was another book with a huge spider in it WHY

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