November 9 by Colleen Hoover

Ben and Fallon meet on November the 9th when she is moving to New York and instantly feel a connection and agree to meet every November 9th after that to see if the connection remains.

So at the time I read this I enjoyed it and thought it was a fun read, but then I saw a review on goodreads that made me think a lot. This review talked about how Ben was manipulative and abusive. There were times when I thought what he was saying was a bit creepy but not necessarily wrong, and there were times I was too wrapped up in the book to realise that something wasn’t right. Now I’m sure we’ve all done this, it’s easy to get really involved in a book and not realise the problems with what you’re reading. I do consider myself a strong feminist but I miss things like this, and that’s ok.

Now I found the book easy to read and I loved the actual plot to it, meeting each other once a year is a cool idea. It was interesting to see how the characters changed as time went on. I liked Fallon she was a really interesting character to read.

I still gave the book a relatively ok rating on goodreads because I did enjoy the book when I was reading it and the writing was ok, but that doesn’t mean that I condone a lot of the content. It’s not ok to treat someone the way Ben treats Fallon just because she’s got visual scars and hasn’t had much experience.

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