The Secret of the Mantle by Harini Chakrapani

Thank you to Harini for contacting me about your book and sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review!

The world is falling apart and only one person can stop it from happening, The Enemy of the White Death. It is believed that Dr. Chary, a children’s book author, is that man, but Dr. Chary is dying, can he really be the saviour?

First off, this is kind of a chosen one story, but instead of it being a child coming into their powers, à la Harry Potter, it’s an old man. I really liked that it was a different twist on a classic trope, whilst I still enjoy chosen one stories occasionally I really liked this different take on it.

I had some troubles with the pacing of this novel, mainly due to it being split into 3 parts each being from a different persons point of view. We start off with Dr Chary and learning about him as a person, this part was quite slow, though not painfully slow. Then after his part the next 2 are quite full of action and it was quite jarring going between these parts. I also would’ve liked to read more from Dr. Chary’s POV after he had been introduced to the fantastical world he previously hadn’t been aware of. We become used to Dr. Chary from the beginning and then he kind of takes a background seat and whilst he was a bit of a grumpy old man I quite enjoyed reading his POV.

This book is set in India and I haven’t read anything set in India before I don’t think. On top of that Dr. Chary has patches of skin dispigmentation which a fair amount of people have however I haven’t read about that in books and I enjoyed reading about his experiences through life with this personal feature.

The world building is really good, of course India is a real place so it isn’t entirely world building but I’ve never been to India and reading the descriptions really painted a picture in my mind of the places being mentioned.

I’ll happily read something else that Harini writes as I believe she can only get better and I love to read more diverse books and authors!

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