Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

So I’ve been desperate to read Six of Crows since everyone was going on about it, and I assumed I had to read this series before it (which I’ve since been told I don’t so I will definitely be reading soon).

Alina is nothing but a lowly cartographer until she demonstrates an incredible power and The Darkling, leader of the army called the Grisha, takes her under his wing and into a world she could only dream of. However the Shadow Fold is trying to take over the land and Alina’s power is needed to combat it.

I really liked that this had a Russian setting, you don’t see that often, it brings something different to the table. The world building is so good, you really get a feel for the political climate of the country of Ravka and the Grisha.

Alina being a cartographer was a really unusual, it was good to see a different job than the standard kind of army stuff you see in books like this. On top of that it shows that there are important jobs that aren’t physical, that to have a good female lead they don’t always have to be all singing, all dancing fighters.

I loved The Darkling and how charming he was as a character. You’re really swept up into his personality but also at the back of your mind you know something isn’t quite right with him. That also makes the love triangle more captivating than normal, it’s not your standard “who do you prefer” because you know that something is off.

On the whole I’m intrigued to see where the rest of the novel goes, it wasn’t perfect, there was the occasional bit that felt formulaic, but I have no idea where the rest of it is going to go and the writing is so easy to read and enjoy.

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