Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

I still love to read vampire fiction, if I see a fic rec that has a vampire in it then I’m down. I don’t know why I love vampires so much but I do. So I thought it was about time I read this especially now all the vampire YA hype has died down.

Vampire Academy is about exactly what you think it’s about: a school for vampires. Rose and Lissa are living on the run from the Academy as Lissa believes them remaining at the Academy is keeping Rose in grave danger, but they get dragged back

Yes there is a bit of dodgy romance like you’d expect in a vampire book, but for the most part this book is about the friendship between two girls. I liked the romances in the book, Rose falls for the school’s “bad boy” and we discover he isn’t actually bad and there’s more than meets the eye. Whereas Lissa begins to be attracted to her tutor who is like 10 years older than her but he refuses to let anything happen because of that age gap which makes a nice change. Though I am expecting something to happen between them in further books but hopefully it’ll be when Lissa is older though I won’t hold my breath.

I loved Lissa as a character she was really loyal and wasn’t interested in the politics of her world, she just wants to protect Rose, even though Rose is a bit of a nightmare at times. I’ve seen the film before reading it and I really do not understand how they cast Dimitri because the way he’s described in the book is definitely not how the actor looks.

I found the political world building in this book really interesting, having “good” vampires and bad vampires and people to protect the good vampires because they’re not indestructible, like you find in most vampire novels.

Obviously having watched the film I knew what was going to happen in this book so once I’m finished my library books I’m interested to see what happens with the rest of this series now.

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