Champion by Marie Lu

The previous novels in this series were ok and I liked them enough but there was never that thing that made me love them, but this one was just so good in comparison.

This book brings some interesting questions to mind about the politics of our own countries. Antarctica won’t give any medical help to the Republic despite them suffering from numerous plagues and having barely any money. This reminded me of numerous times that the US and UK and EU won’t help much with struggling countries. The news barely shows anything in the Republic’s war either, again, like the stuff happening with Aleppo etc. It was thought provoking.

We get to go to another continent in this book, finally, and oh man it was so cool. They go to Antarctica where they have a points system where you get rewarded for doing good things, like recycling and I just thought the idea of this was so good and interesting I’d never heard of an idea like this in a sci-fi/dystopian. It brings the question of what is a good action and would this turn the community into complete robots?

The pacing was so good with this one, it didn’t feel too slow unlike how I felt about Prodigy, this read so damn easy.

I was awkwardly happy with the ending, like I was vaguely happy with it but part of it made me like “really? you did that?” because there was something so cliche about it. I cried a little bit as well. However it did feel right, it wasn’t that perfect ending and I liked that.

I hope to start The Young Elites at some point soon but you all know what my TBR is like. I’m really glad I gave this series a go even though the first book felt like a typical YA dystopian because it turned into so much more than that. So if you do read the first book and aren’t invested, keep reading.

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