DNFs of 2016

So last week I did a post on my favourite reads of 2016, this week I’m doing the complete opposite and doing a post on my least favourite reads, aka the ones I didn’t even finish.

Luckily all of the books are ones I requested on netgalley and not ones that I spent any money on.


How Many Wrongs Make a Mr. Right by Stella Hervey Birrell

I really wanted to like this one, it’s set in Edinburgh and seemed like a nice easy read contemporary romance but the writing style just didn’t gel with me at all.


Because I Love You by Tori Rigby

This started off an easy read about teen pregnancy, then it just kept getting more ridiculous and I just couldn’t keep reading it because it had nearly every bad YA romance trope known to man.


The Sway by Ruby Knight

Originally this sounded interesting, teen spies, classic YA trope but it didn’t keep me interested enough to keep going and nothing that was going on was explained well.


Losing It by Emma Rathbone

This sounded like a funny read when I requested it, an older woman trying to lose her virginity but oh my god the MC was literally the worst person ever and I just couldn’t read anymore than I did because she was just awful. All she cared about was losing her virginity and she invaded her aunt’s privacy and yuck.

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5 thoughts on “DNFs of 2016

  1. I never DNF a NetGalley book because of my guilt, haha. But I have given a couple a bad rating with the associated review and felt just as bad! I hate when a book that sounded so promising ends up being a disappointment.

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