Half Wild by Sally Green

I’m desperately waiting for Half Lost to be sent to me by the library because this book left me reeling.

One of my favourite things about this novel was how it was completely unafraid to talk about being gay and being interested in someone of the same gender. Nathan’s best friend, Gabriel, is in love with Nathan and that’s never glazed over. Gabriel is probably my favourite character actually, I was constantly desperate to read about him and his feelings towards everything.

Nathan has truly accepted that he is “bad” in this book. But he knows that he’s still not sure of himself and he doesn’t know if his new gift makes him truly a bad person or just “bad” in the eyes of the government who are very much against him and his whole family.

There are some characters in this book, not to name names, who I was really uncertain of but man they really showed themselves towards the end. But a lot of the other characters really come into their own in this book and you see people that you didn’t really like in the first book coming into their own in the fight against the horrible white witches.

When Nathan is near someone with a mobile phone he hears this horrible noise in his head, some people in reviews didn’t like the format of the noises but I loved it. Whenever you saw the “ch” on the page you knew there was a white witch there, and personally I found it kind of nerve wracking, it worked really well for me.

I honestly don’t know what is going to happen in the final book because the way this left off literally just had me like ?????

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4 thoughts on “Half Wild by Sally Green

      1. Ahh I found it really jarring- couldn’t stand it- especially because it never made sense who she was addressing it to- it felt like she was talking to the reader, the protagonist and the antagonist all at once! I was glad when she stopped doing it!

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