Uprooted by Naomi Novik

This was honestly just a weird read for me. I really liked the book, and I thought the writing was so good, but I did find it really hard to read and so slow to get through. Not that the story was particularly slow but it was not a book that I could just casually read, it required my undivided attention to really appreciate it.

Every 10 years a girl from Agneiszka’s village is chosen to go to the dragon’s tower, everyone expects that Kasia will be picked but she isn’t, Agnieszka is. She must work with the dragon to fight against the poisoned forest.

I had to force myself to read this book at times because I found parts of it super confusing to read. It wasn’t in hard language or anything but I couldn’t get my brain to imagine certain scenes, but that’s not the writing’s fault but something just didn’t click with me. This had the potential to be one of my favourite books and I think had I read it at a different time I would’ve adored it.

I loved the dragon and how unpredictable he was. I knew as soon as he appeared things would start to sort themselves out in each bad situation. But he was also really abusive at certain points and I couldn’t really figure him out as a character.

Something about this novel which I absolutely adored was the wood being the antagonist. Instead of some horrible witch or wizard trying to take over the world it is a poisoned wood where people don’t come out whole anymore. It’s a totally scary idea because you’re fighting nature, it goes on as it wants to and doesn’t simply bend to a person’s will due to emotions and that left it a completely scary idea.

Even though I couldn’t picture it the way this was writing had such a different style to books I had read before, I felt connected to the characters even though I felt disconnected at the same time. I won’t lie, this is really slow moving at times. I just wanted it to get a move on.

There’s a romance aspect of this book that could’ve felt ridiculous, or out of place, but it slotted in with the story in a perfect way. It just kind of happened in a really organic way that was both expected and unexpected at the same time.

I feel like I might come back to this book some day as I don’t feel like my read has done it justice.

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9 thoughts on “Uprooted by Naomi Novik

  1. I agree, Kristy! This book is good but the overall plot can get a little confusing, as there are so many different pieces to it. I really enjoyed it though and I did love how the Forest was the villain. That was so unique and interesting!

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  2. I have read so many mixed reviews about this book that I decided to take it off my list, I get so many recommendations already that I prefer to focus on those 🙂 I’m glad you liked it even if the experience of reading it was not the best possible

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