Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne 

Oh my god this book is so damn good. This reminds me so much of the Georgia Nicholson books which were so important for me growing up. Although I would say these have a lot more of a feminist edge, the girls actively talk about feminism.

Evie is obsessed with being normal after having to go to hospital for OCD. She things the one thing that will make her normal is having a boyfriend. Now I know what you’re thinking, great, another book about teenage girls finding boyfriends. NOPE. It’s all about girls learning that boyfriends don’t define you, that being normal is being you.

Every part of this book is so good and so important for young people to read. It’s the kind of book I really wish had been around when I was growing up. I wish there was discussion of feminism like there is nowadays when I was in school. I wish I had been told that it’s ok to be friends with the girls who like to dress well and wear make up, I wish I’d been told that not everything was about boys and that they’re not important. I think one of the best things I’ve learnt over the past few years is to not care what others think because there is so much going on in their own heads that you aren’t even on their radar, and this book is about learning that.

There was a random part in this book where Evie just rants about how annoying it is when people use mental health problems as if they’re funny quirks, like “omg im so bipolar” or “having an OCD moment” and I literally was sitting there reading it like YES GO OFF. I absolutely abhor when people say things like that.

I feel like Bourne did a super good job of writing the feminist ideas without completely dumbing them down. She wrote 3 girls trying to understand what feminism is having never been told by people they know, and that can be hard to write, especially when you’ve been knee deep in feminism for a long time. I think that part of it were really well done when the girls would ask questions and discuss it, questions I think are commonly asked by people learning about what feminism is for the first time. It could really be a good resource for someone who is learning about it for the first time themselves.

I just feel like everyone should read this book, it’s so hilarious and so realised. If I ever have kids and they’re going through that “I need a significant other phase” I will just hand them this, because I know me telling them will just make them go “aw mum shut up I don’t want to hear you go on another one of your feminist rants”, because you know as a mum I will be like that.

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12 thoughts on “Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne 

  1. You’ve made this book sound irresistible! This really does sound like something I would enjoy once I picked it up, in all seriousness. I think I’ll have to add this to the list of books to watch out for, that’s for sure!

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