Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher

So I was quite a big McFly fan so I knew about Giovanna before she wrote any books, before Tom posted his wedding speech and went Viral. I’ve been meaning to read this since it came out… which was 3 years ago but let’s not talk about it.

Billy and Me is the love story of Billy, a famous actor, and Sophie, a girl who walks at a coffee shop. Throughout the novel we get to go through the peaks and troughs of love between a famous person and a non famous person.

The beginning of this felt like a gender bent Notting Hill. You know, the quirky British person randomly bumps into a hot actor etc etc. But after the beginning this book diverged into it’s own plot. It was nice to read that beginning though as it gave me a bit of nostalgia for the classic rom com.

Sadly I was kind of disappointed by this book, I was hoping it would be something like a Sophie Kinsella or Lindsey Kelk but there wasn’t much humour in it. The beginnings of the relationship really get you invested in the characters and despite mistakes they make later down the line I kept reading because I wanted to see what was going to happen to them.

To begin with I loved the characters, I loved the love story, I was so into it, but then things started to get a bit dicey. I felt like they were moving ridiculously fast in their relationship, without spoiling anything I was literally reading it like wtf chill out. As we got further into the relationship I felt like both Billy and Sophie started to change and both got annoying to me in completely different ways: Billy just turned into an asshole and Sophie became so whiney. So even though I wanted to know what was going to happen to these characters I was just getting more and more annoyed at them.

I am going to read the sequel eventually as I was sent it on netgalley and I do want to see what happens, I’m also interested in reading other books by Giovanna to see how she’s changed as an author since this was her debut novel.

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5 thoughts on “Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher

  1. Aw that’s such a shame that this book was a disappointment. I’m really keen to read one of Gi’s books because I love following her on YouTube (such an inspiration!) so I’m curious to see how her personality translates through her books. Plus the fact that you mentioned this felt like Nottinghill (only my favourite movie!) has me SUPER excited about this even if it wasn’t quite your cup of tea!

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