The Bronze Key by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

Again this felt very similar to the previous 2 novels in the series. They’re so short though that it’s not boring. Everything was moving super quickly in this book that I really wasn’t sure with pacing and timing and just when things were happening.

Like with the previous books there is a lot of thought about good vs. evil and thinking about how your actions define you as a person. I think this discussion is really important for younger readers, it’s an imperative thing to learn as a kid, I believe, knowing that one wrong decision doesn’t make you evil, who your parents are doesn’t make you a bad person.

With this book the series has became a lot darker, there is death very close to the main story line right from the start. I like when books for younger markets grow darker as I feel like kids can be a bit too sheltered. This book is aimed at 11+ and so many kids even at that age have experienced loss and whilst it’s important for kids to read books getting away from those experiences it’s also good for them to find comfort in other people going through the same problems.

The way this book ends is just a huge shock, like I don’t know what direction the series is going to go in now after that and I’m excited but also scared. I don’t know how the events in this book are going to change the characters I know and love.

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