Australia Holiday Post

So I mentioned it a couple times but if you didn’t know, I just came back from a 3 week holiday to Australia. I wanted to go to Australia because 2 of my closest friends live there and obviously I don’t get to see them much so I thought as I was taking time away from my studies when is a better time to travel to the other side of the planet?

I stayed in Brisbane for the majority of the time because that’s where my friends live but we went to Melbourne and Sydney for 3 days each. It was so hot but it was manageable for the most part, I was glad that I went in late Spring instead of Summer because damn I couldn’t deal with it any hotter than it was.

On the third day of my holiday we went to Movieworld for Fright Night just outside of Gold Coast and on the first and only ride we went on, a kids coaster, my phone fell out. So we went to guest services and they told us to come back when the rides shut, so we did that and every single time we went back they said they hadn’t searched yet and postponed it. Then I kept phoning them the next day and they kept saying they hadn’t looked yet. Then finally 2 days later I phoned and they’d found it but because we were going to Sydney we couldn’t go pick it up so they shipped it by courier. Then it didn’t arrive before going to Melbourne because the postman literally didn’t even deliver one day mysteriously. Eventually I got my phone back in perfect condition which was a complete shock as we were all expecting it to have smashed.

We went to 2 zoos when I was there: Australia Zoo in Queensland, which is the zoo that Steve Irwin was involved in, and Taronga Zoo in Sydney. I’ll be honest and say there was only one reason I wanted to go to Taronga and that was to see Quokka, they’re one of my favourite animals. I want to go to Perth one day just so I can get selfies with Quokka. As you can see from my pics I got to chill with some kangaroos and koalas.

It was honestly just so great spending time with my friends, I’ve known Brigitte since 2009 when we started speaking thanks to Camp Rock fanfiction. Of course it was sweet getting to go to Australia but it was just cool to see them.

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