Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

This was my first Colleen Hoover book and I completely understand why everyone loves her; her writing is so addicting.

Tate moves in with her brother to try and get herself back on her feet after breaking up with her boyfriend. She meets her next door neighbor on her door mat who she instantly has this weird love/hate chemistry with. They start up a friends with benefits relationship

This book is told in 2 POVs and 2 different timelines, we see the modern day story from Tate’s POV and 6 years ago from Miles’ POV. It was really interesting to read it this way, I’ve not really read stuff like this. It really helped with the build up, not only was there a build up in the modern day to the big fight, and then there’s the bid build up to the past for the big heartbreaking event which made Miles the guy he is.

I read this book so fast, I could not put it down. I read romance novels so quickly when they’re good, and this one was really good. There were some really sweet moments. There was also some really hot moments as there is sex in this novel, however of course there were some bits where I cringed. I don’t know what it is about novels but I always find book sex a lot more cringey than fanfiction sex. I will actively search smutty fanfictions but in books I don’t mind if there is no sex, though I do enjoy when they start getting a bit hot and heavy when kissing.

I loved that Miles was an airline pilot, mostly because I love the idea of shagging a pilot whilst on a layover. It was a different career for me to read as I mostly read YA and you aren’t going to find 16 year old pilots anytime soon.

Can we just talk about covers for 2 seconds? The British cover is so damn ugly and makes it look like a really awful romance novel, the American cover looks so much better and also goes with the plot, though I can’t discuss that because spoilers.

After reading this I am desperate to read more Colleen Hoover but there’s only one other book by her in my library and her books are super expensive in the UK for some reason.

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6 thoughts on “Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

  1. I’ve never read any Colleen Hoover books, but I’ve been told by a couple of people that I should start with this one actually! Glad you enjoyed it and I hope I do too. And yes I totally agree with you – I don’t understand why her books are so expensive in the UK?! Great review!

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