Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

After a terrible accident Will is left as a quadriplegic, with no use of any of his limbs. Lou loses her job after her boss decides to move to Australia. After a few dodgy jobs from the Job Centre Lou applies to be the carer of Will and eventually comes to care about him a lot despite Will being an absolute arse to her.

I reserved this book at the library because I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not but wanted to check out what the hype was all about. Part of my uncertainty was that I’d seen a lot of comments about how it was ableist and the disabled community just wasn’t happy with it. After reading it I can truly say I really liked this book, I get the hype, I get the criticism but I also kind of disagree with the criticism, however, I’m not a person with a disability so it isn’t my place to tell someone who is that they shouldn’t be offended. In the book Will is suicidal and wants to go to Switzerland to commit assisted suicide and many people have read the book and read into it thinking the author is thus saying that all people who are disabled lead miserable suicidal lives, which I don’t personally think is the case. Will used to ride a motorbike and go thrill seeking and travel, which is obviously quite difficult for someone who is quadriplegic and he’s depressed because he can’t live the life he used to love not depressed just because he’s disabled. I’m not telling you not to be offended if you are but that’s just how I interpreted it.

Honestly, the book is just a sweet story about love and how much someone is willing to do for someone. Lou is a wonderful girl, if sometimes a bit easily led, and the way Moyes writes really made me feel for Will and the entire situation. The way Lou’s family treat her made me so angry at times, as if she’s only good enough to get them money to pay their bills, god forbid she do something for herself.

I found myself beginning to like Will as Lou begun to like him and I really enjoyed that experience, it read really well. As the characters warmed up to each other I really began to understand why so many people love this book and how it became a movie.

My one issue with MBY was that it seemed to be a bit longer than necessary. Like there’s the occasional scene that just isn’t really needed to advance the plot or develop the characters. On top of that, I didn’t cry. I was promised I would cry. I’m so disappointed, I’m fairly quick to cry as well.

There is a sequel to Me Before You, called After You but as much as I liked Me Before You I have no intention to read After You. The way MBY ends it just feels completed and I don’t really get why there would be a sequel to it, especially as from most of the reviews I’ve read it doesn’t seem to be that great.

I hope to watch the movie at some point as I adore Sam Claflin and have done since he was in Pirate of the Caribbean, and Emilia Clarke is ok too.

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5 thoughts on “Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

  1. I did not cry either! 🙂 I was wary of the book because of all the hype and unfortunately, it did not have the same effect on me. I found it to be sweet but nothing more, Louisa did get annoying at some point, and I just did not find what everyone was talking about. The movie is nice too, with plenty of famous faces!

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