Prodigy by Marie Lu

I’ll just jump right in with this review as I can’t think of a preamble to be honest.

So, this felt a lot slower than the previous book, however that was because there was so much world building. Seriously so much world building. Like all good dystopians you find out there is so much more than you think going on and who you think are the good guys aren’t the good guys.

The side of America that is being fought is the main power in America, unlike what is portrayed by the government of the Republic. The colonies are hugely commercialised, which is something I’ve never really came across. Everything is sponsored or owned by huge companies. I found it similar to the way the Capitol was all about looking absolutely ridiculous in The Hunger Games, I found it super interesting to read as a concept and it was quite disturbing to think about as something that could happen to the world.

I really enjoyed the way that June was portrayed as unsure about the path she had taken and that we got to see inside her head like that.

I’m not really sure what else to say. I felt like the set up for the rest of the story was really good and that we seem to actually be learning what these characters are all about. I do wish it had moved a lot faster but hey ho. Again this is still not the greatest dystopian I’ve ever read and there are some typical tropes in it but there are some different concepts that I liked reading about.

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