Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider

Imagine a world where TB has come back with a completely different strain that they haven’t found a cure for, that’s what Extraordinary Means is about. There is a private school/quarantine/hospice were ill teens can go and have support from other ill teens and also get first access to experimental drugs.

Personally, I am quite scared of a huge outbreak that could just knacker everything, like imagine TB did mutate or the Black Plague came back and there was a huge pandemic, I have quite a fear of this kind of stuff. So bearing that in mind this was a bit of a funny (weird not haha) read for me.

I liked following the kids and seeing the stuff they did even though they knew they were sick, and they continued on like normal teens. It was interesting to read about how relationships were accelerated because they didn’t have much time left or because they were the only people in a small space.

I found the pacing weird, I couldn’t tell if things were happening over days or weeks of months. Sometimes things jumped and sometimes it only felt like hours and I couldn’t really get a grasp of how much tie had truly passed.


The ending was a bit of a let down because it was just expected there was a twist but it was a twist that I could see happening. To be honest though, even though I wasn’t a fan of the ending I couldn’t see how else it could have gone.

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