Carry On by Rainbow Rowell | Hype or Like Friday (On a Saturday)


This is a weekly meme hosted by Larkin @ wonderfilledreads Britt @ Geronimo Reads, and Jill @ Rant and Rave About Books based on hyped up books. There is a Goodreads group which you can join in on where we read a hyped up book every month. Carry On was September’s book of the month to go along with the Back To School theme. I haven’t done Hype or Like in a while as it hasn’t been a book I have had an interest in but Carry On was on my shelf so here we are. And yes I own the colour in version which is signed by Rainbow Rowell.

As a lot of you may know, I absolutely adored Fangirl so Carry On was definitely on my TBR. Regardless of that it’s basically Drarry fic, and I love Drarry.

Simon Snow is the Chosen One, since he found out he was a mage he has been fighting his mortal enemy the Insidious Humdrum who has been making magic cold spots since the late 90s. Simon returns to school for his final year to discover his roommate, Baz, is missing. Baz and Simon have been at odds since they met, but for some reason Simon can’t stop looking for Baz.

I knew going into Carry On that it was Rainbow Rowell’s attempt at a Chosen One book, I knew it would be full of tropes and everything I’ve already read, but I was intrigued to see what Rowell would do with it. Carry On got a huge amount of hype within the book community so I had hoped there had to be more to this than just being a rehash of Harry Potter.

Honestly, the first 100+ pages I was like …this is just Harry Potter what’s the big deal? But I kept on with it because I found it funny and easy to read and wanted to see where it went. Once we finally meet Baz everything becomes different and things really start taking shape. I didn’t absolutely adore it like I did with Fangirl because the first 100-200 pages were so slow.

Simon and Baz are such an interesting pairing and most of the thrill of this book was just reading their interactions and the build up between them. Baz was definitely my favourite character, and I was so excited to read his POV chapters. On the reverse of that Agatha was my least favourite and god she just really fucking annoyed me. Rowell managed to create a slew of different characters who were all interesting in their own right, which is hard to do in fantasy in just one book.

There were times when reading this that I found myself laughing out loud, which one of the best parts of Rowell’s writing.There were so many British references as well which I found really shocking as she is American. AND AT ONE POINT ISLE OF SKYE IS MENTIONED WHICH IS WHERE I LIVE. It just felt like it wasn’t written by an American, there are even obscure advert references from when I was a child. It’s a silly book really, and I think some people who haven’t liked it have maybe taken it too seriously.

What I loved about Carry On was that it wasn’t your typical Chosen One story, it seemed like it would be but when you start learning all of the secrets you realise that this is different. On top of that it’s got a gay couple, you don’t see that in Chosen One stories. So for me this month it’s a Like.


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12 thoughts on “Carry On by Rainbow Rowell | Hype or Like Friday (On a Saturday)

  1. Agatha was the worst! Totally bland!! Glad you liked it, I didn’t really like it all that much, but I really wanted to like it. I just couldn’t connect to the characters or get past the HP similarities.

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  2. I really loved it! I finished it yesterday for Hype or Like Friday as well (I know, a little late haha). I agree that the first ~100 pages I wasn’t too sure about it..but I adored Simon and Baz 😍 they were the best. The story itself really took on its own unique direction as well and diverted from the HP feel in the beginning. Great post!

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  3. Glad you liked it!! Ha it’s funny you said that about the Isle of Skye- cos I also thought the British references were great! (except Watford being the setting- that was plain weird- and I one day would like to ask Rainbow Rowell if she meant that as a joke!)

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  4. I love Simon and Baz and this edition is so cool 😀 All the HP references and similarities were a bit weird at the start but as soon as it started going it grew into its own story and I couldn’t put the book down 🙂

    I love all the spells have simple names as well XD And Baz is just a fantastic character

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