Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

This is a YA High Fantasy so of course it was on my radar. I’d seen a lot of criticisms of this book saying that it isn’t a great book and the series gets much better after this one but I thought it wasn’t that bad actually and quite enjoyed it.

After a bit of an altercation at a village, the three kingdoms of Mytica are at unrest and a war is looming. Falling Kingdoms follows 4 characters, and their importance in the power struggle between the 3 nations.

It can be difficult to create a high fantasy novel such as this with different POV characters and give every character a separate personality, but this was achieved in this book. I was interested in every character and every political climate and every kingdom. I understood who each character was instead of getting everyone confused which I oftenfind when you’re introduced to a new world.

On the subject of political climates I really enjoyed that politics were a focus in this, as I sometimes find that isn’t the case in YA high fantasy because for whatever reason the MCs (being young adults) are kept out of the conversations and confrontations.

I’m really interested to see whose paths cross in the following books and what relationships are forged after the end of this one. That’s one of my favourite things of multiple POV books is seeing where the characters bump into each other along the way and how they react to each other.

Because the characters are so well developed I really felt for them at times and then hated them at times, they really felt human. A lot of people seem to hate Magnus but I quite like him and he goes through some really tough things in this and I wonder how things are going to develop following the ending and the bombshells dropped, he was the most intriguing character for me. Yeah Lucia has magic and Cleo has been through some shit but Magnus is the person I was really pulled to.

As I type this a copy of Rebel Spring is sitting on my shelf from my library but I have a few to read until I get to that but I’m excited to eventually get to it.

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5 thoughts on “Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

  1. I hope you enjoy the rest of the series just as much 🙂 I’ve read the first 4 and they really do improve as the whole plot starts to build and come together. My two favourite characters are Cleo and Magnus and I can’t wait to start the 5th book soon 🙂
    Great review 😀

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