Legend by Marie Lu

Legend was one of those books that I’d heard about and was on my tbr but I hadn’t aimed to read it anytime soon and it was kind of low on my physical wishlist but then my library had it so I was happy enough to borrow it.

June is intent on capturing the criminal known as Day after Day kills her brother. June has been training for 5 years to become an important member of the police system. She is the only person to ever score a perfect score on the test that everyone takes at the age of 10 and has had her whole life set out for her since doing this. Day is only trying to find a cure for the plague that has taken over his younger brother’s body. But this book is a dystopian and things aren’t as they seem.

Something that really jumped out to me with this book from the outset was the way things didn’t add up, but they were subtle pointers that you may have missed if you hadn’t been paying attention. You begin to theorise what’s the del with the government and what the heck is actually happening that we aren’t being told yet. I like trying to imagine what’s going to happen and then seeing if I’m right.

The 2 MCs whilst likeable and easy enough to read did feel like classic dystopian MCs. You have the girl who is part of the system and realises that everything is fucked up, and a boy who is trying to fight the system because he is part of the oppressed part of society. Neither of them felt particularly new or distinct.

I expected everything to be fucked up because of course it’s going to be but there was a couple of things I wasn’t expecting to find out. I’m expecting there to be a romance in the next 2 books because of how things happened in this and I’m kind of on the fence about it because I feel like it’s kind of unnecessary but oh well.

I would say that on the whole I wasn’t particularly wowed by this book, dystopians don’t really wow me unless they’re really good but I’m interested enough to read the other 2 books.

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