The Neverland Wars by Audrey Greathouse

Thank you to netgalley and Clean Teen Publishing for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The Neverland Wars is a Peter Pan retelling set in the modern day where we follow 16 year old Gwen after her sister disappears. She finds out that her sister has gone to Neverland with Peter and that Neverland is currently at war with the world.

I had been excited to read this book as I like Peter Pan, I like retellings and the cover is really pretty but it just fell completely short on my expectations. I tried so hard to like it but it just didn’t happen. The writing was so slow, I didn’t really like they way it had been set and I just didn’t really get it.

Whilst it was a Peter Pan retelling so obviously most of it would be set in Neverland, there wasn’t really much about the whole “war” part of it. There was mentions and a couple of scenes where it came into it but I was just left feeling very confused. I’m guessing there is going to be a sequel to this but I felt like there was too much left that the reader doesn’t know to be explained. The story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and there was just so many loose ends that I was left feeling so unhappy with it.

The pacing, where do I start? I was honestly so bored for the entire thing, I only kept reading because I felt sure something was finally going to happen that would be fun to read. Everything was just so slow and even when there was a scene that should’ve been exciting it just didn’t seem to pick up at all.

It was set in the states which is just like, why is that necessary? I don’t mind when things are set in different places to the original if there’s a good reason for it but this didn’t have that, or if it did it wasn’t explained in this novel at all. I didn’t really get why it was a modern day retelling either, again it wasn’t explained very much.

I didn’t connect to the characters, they just didn’t seem to have any kind of strong personalities. I didn’t hate any of them and I didn’t love any of them, I just didn’t really feel anything.

The whole book just wasn’t what I was expecting and I really struggled through it. Maybe I should’ve DNF’d it but I was just waiting for something to happen.

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