Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

I LOVED THIS SO MUCH. It reminded me of A Cinderella Story but like the gay version (you remember that film with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray).

Simon is a boy, who is gay but hasn’t came out yet, who corresponds with a boy who goes to school with him who is also gay who goes by the moniker “Blue”. Neither Blue or Simon know who each other is but they found each other through anonymous posting on a website related to the social interactions of their school. A fellow student somehow sees the correspondence with Blue on Simon’s email account and begins to blackmail him and Simon’s life begins to unravel.

I found the whole story just such a good, nice read that I couldn’t help but love. I knew that the person Simon thought was Blue wasn’t him but reading Simon coming to the realisation was still quite heartbreaking. And then when you find out who Blue is it’s just so adorable that I found myself grinning from ear to ear.

I adored the friendships, everyone seemed to truly care for Simon. Everyone was so supportive of him, which ok probably isn’t the most realistic thing but who cares? It made me feel warm and melty on the inside. Not only is the issue of friends coming out tackled, there’s also an underlying jealousy over new friends plotline that I think was dealt with in a particularly good way, especially as someone who has been jealous of people having new friends and being worried I’m being left behind. I felt like it was really well done.

At one point in the book, after Simon comes out to his parents he confronts his dad about the way he’s acted throughout the years. Never meaning to come from a mean place his dad has been making jokes for quite a long time about being gay and Simon tells him how that made him feel. This was such an important part for me as a lot of parents don’t realise how hurtful their words are simply because they were brought up in a different time and they don’t know what they’re saying is wrong. I think it’s a really big thing for a person to confront their parents about this kind of stuff because it can be so scary.

There’s also a Golden Retriever (best dog breed on the planet) in this as if the book wasn’t great already. I took this out from the library but because I loved it so much I feel like I need to buy it and have it on my shelves.

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