Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I know it probably looks like I’m on some sort of JLA binge right now but I’m honestly not I just got 2 of her books at once from the library.

I think so far that this has been my least favourite JLA read so far, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it because I did, I just didn’t like it as much as Obsidian and definitely not as much as The Problem With Forever.

Half-Blood is set in a world where there are Pures, people who are descended from the children of Gods and mortals, half-bloods, who are the offspring of pures and mortals, and Daimons, who are pures who have been cannibalised basically. Alex, a half-blood, returns to the covenant where pures and half-bloods live and train after her mother was murdered by a Daimon. She must relearn how to fight Daimons and catch up with her age group by the end of summer or be put to work in her stepdad’s household.

One thing that really jumped out at me as part of the reason I wasn’t as enthused about this book was that the beginning was so awkward in terms of the writing. There was so much info dumping about the world that I just really struggled with the first 50 or so pages. I found it just really confusing especially because some of the words aren’t real words. There was also some altogether really strange language. It went from defining what things were in this fictional world in a very formal way to Alex talking to people and using very casual language, like “ho-bag” and I found it really jarring quite a lot. Once I got used to the voice of Alex it was easier to read but it was just weird.

I do like ancient greek settings, ideas, gods, etc. so the world being set in something to do with that was good to read, especially since it was an idea that I hadn’t read before. The source of evil being people who were originally part of the society this is set in is something that I could see really bringing a good amount of discourse to the series and I’m quite fascinated to see where that goes as there is a bit of it already in this book and I can imagine it becoming even more of a problem.

The love story is your classic Romeo and Juliet scenario, which I don’t hate but it isn’t my absolute favourite to read. I like friends or enemies to lovers the most. And honestly there isn’t really much novel about the relationships that are portrayed in this: horrible step-dad, weird family relation in a position of power, etc. There’s a bit of girl-on-girl hate which is my least favourite trope in writing, but I still liked the book for the most part.

Again, like Obsidian, this was an easy read, after the weird beginning, and I do want to read the rest of the series. I’m yet to read a book of JLA’s that can rival my love for The Problem with Forever but I think that will be a hard thing to do anyway.

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