Pokemon Go Book Tag

Thank you to Jesse @ booksatdawn for the tag! I was really excited to finally get tagged for this. I live in the middle of nowhere where there is no phone signal so I can’t play pokemon go properly and I’m sad.


Harry Potter of course



Pride and Prejudice, I’ve only read the book a handful of times but my mum used to legit always watch the adaptation with Colin Firth in it, I must’ve seen it at least 10 times.



I’m not entirely sure, I don’t really let overhype sway me with books. Only with TV shows I think but thats because it’s normally like 4+ seasons long and I ain’t got the time to catch up.


Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout is one that springs to mind at the moment, but that’s probably because I’m midway through the series.



Lord of the Rings probably. I’ve seen all the films and I do intend on reading the books but they just seem like they’d be hard to read.


I don’t really read scary books so I’ll go with Deathly Hallows because I stayed up until 8am reading it.



Probably Mia and Michael from Princess Diaries because I read them as I grew up and I was pulling for them the whole time.


I can’t really think about one for this


Harry Potter


The whole of the shadowhunters book series, I went into it quite uncertain which you’ll know if you’ve read my review of City of Bones  but I’ve ended up loving it despite it’s flaws.

hmmm I think I would have to go with Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Everyone goes on about how good these books are, legit everyone who has read them but I’m still really excited to start eventually.


Leather bound horcrux editions of Harry Potter! The horcruxes pull out and can be bookmarks and look at the wands on the spines!!!!


I don’t pay enough attention to know what is coming out any time soon by someone new I work too much


Sarah J. Maas my queen


Empire of Storms, it’s next month I can’t breathe

I would tag people but I’m working a lot right now as it’s our busiest week of the whole year in work so I’m exhausted, but if you want to do this consider yourself tagged

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4 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Book Tag

  1. Those Harry Potter Editions are so beautiful *grabby hands* I wish I could get them everything about them is just gorgeous XD And I agree with City of Bones, their are a lot of things that are a bit off when I think back to the books but I loved the series anyway and every other book Cassie’s released in the world 😀

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