Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

A lot of people I follow on youtube go on about this book, and I loved The Problem With Forever so I was keen to test this out. Whilst I found the writing and just general style of the book quite simple I also read through it so quickly and had a lot of fun reading it so sometimes simple isn’t always bad.

Katy has moved from Florida to West Virginia after her dad died and she discovers on her second day in her new tiny town that there is something kind of weird going on. Her neighbours are very strange and people refer to them as “them” as if they’re complete outsiders but she gets on incredibly well with the female twin and wants to find out why things seem so off.

I think one of the first things I really picked up on with tis novel was that there was quite a lot of Twilight parallels. For example, it’s set in a small town in the middle of nowhere, USA, like Forks and the male love interest has a similar attitude to Edward in that he wants Katy to stay away from his family. There was more but I don’t want to write just a list of things. But where Edward was very much about protecting Bella from all the vampirism, Daimon wants to keep Katy away because he’s worried she’ll lure evil forces to his family. So whilst I did see a lot of parallels to Twilight I also just felt like they were kind of the typical tropes you find in a lot of YA books where there’s a kind of “us and them” storyline.

As I said previously, I found the style very simple and it seemed very classic YA but sometimes you need that as a break from the heavier content. It was such an easy read for me that I found I’d read like 200 pages in about 3 hours which is crazy and hey anything that is that easy to read is a good thing.

I wasn’t too convince by Daimon as he seemed to go between wanting Katy and hating her and I was just confused most of the time when it came to him, but some of his reasonings for this was explained as the novel went on but I was still left feeling a bit awkward about it. I really loved that Katy was a book blogger, that’s such a different thing to have in novels and I loved having a connection with an MC like that. And I adored that Katy and Dee had a healthy friendships, I think I could sing to the rooftops about how positive female relationships are so important in popular media for kids to take in.

I’ve already read the next book and have the third waiting at the library so I’m keen to see where the story goes.

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2 thoughts on “Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

  1. I did the same thing. I read the first three books within two days. I loved Daemon, and oh, yeah definitely a Twilight vibe throughout. I kept thinking that Daemon was a way better version of Edward. And luckily Katy wasn’t anything like Bella though she was kind of bland in the beginning. I think for me Daemon was the reason I kept reading.

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