I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

I really don’t know what I was expecting with this book but what I got was definitely not it. If you watch booktubers you’ve probably seen this book about because of it’s beautiful US cover, everyone was talking about it when it came out. It’s a book about a pair of fraternal twins and how they went from being thick as thieves to going weeks without conversation.

I’ll Give You the Sun is told in the perspective of both twins, Noah’s when they are aged 13-14 and Jude’s when they are aged 16. Noah’s perspective shows us the events leading up to their mother’s death and Jude’s shows that aftermath of her death (saying that she dies isn’t a spoiler you find that out pretty early on). The way it’s written we find out the story in parts through both perspectives, from the eyes of a young, confused teenager who is really quite angry at the world and how his angsty mistakes led to certain events and then we see from Jude’s perspective her figuring out what she’s been in the dark about for 3 years.

I wouldn’t say I was a huge fan of the writing style early on because the sentences felt very long, and everything seemed to be a metaphor or a simile; I genuinely couldn’t tell if some things were literally happening or whether it was one of the twins being overdramatic. I get that when you’re a teenager things always seem like the end of the world but I feel like you shouldn’t have your reader confused over what’s actually happening because you’ve used one figure of speech too many.

The start was incredibly slow, and it really doesn’t help that there aren’t really chapters, the only thing that can really be considered “chapters” is when the POV changes and sometimes that’s not for 100+ pages. I found this choice of editing really draining; I like to be able to put a book down at the end of a chapter and I genuinely felt quite exhausted when I finished one of these “chapters”. To make the long “chapters” even worse I found Jude and Noah both to be quite annoying at times. I eventually grew to care for them but 100+ pages of that one singular annoying voice with no chapter breaks was just so tough to read.

The end made up for a lot of the problems I had with this book. Everything came together in a way that I could kind of tell from earlier on but I didn’t realise the extent of it. I felt glad that I finished it and got to see things work out for the twins considering I’d considered DNFing it a few times just because I did find it so slow.

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