The Second Love of my Life by Victoria Walters

Thank you to Headline Review for sending me a copy of this book via bookbridgr.

After losing her husband Lucas at age 24 Rose is a widow. Her whole life has changed and as she struggles to get back on her feet after such a huge loss she has completely lost her will to paint, something which brought her a lot of joy. The Robert arrives at the village after seeing that she had planned to sell her last ever paintings and falling in love with her art.

This book was the typical chick lit book that I do not enjoy. It had its moments where I didn’t mind it but for the most part it just annoyed me. It wasn’t completely terrible in that I continued to read it and didn’t DNF it but it just really wasn’t for me.

I wasn’t a fan of the writing style, I felt like it focussed far too much on Rose’s own thoughts about everything and it felt like there was a lot of whiney monologues. It felt quite childish and reminded me of how I used to write a few years ago. Rose as a character focussed so much on her lost husband, and I get that it’s hard to lose someone, I’ve been through it, but it was just so tiring to constantly read “oh no I don’t know what Lucas would’ve thought”.

From the minute you meet Robert you already know what’s going to happen and that things aren’t going to be smooth sailing, and whilst most of the time I don’t mind this as long as the journey is enjoyable to read, this wasn’t. Nothing surprised me.

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