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So as most of you are aware, at the beginning of the month I went to Orlando with 2 of my best pals for an 8 day holiday. We spent most of our time at Disney, 2 days at Universal and some time shopping too. It was quite difficult to get around without a car, which I think is true for the States in general unless you’re in New York.

We met a lot of characters and went on quite a few rides and I was really impressed with what we managed to do in the short space of time we had. I’d been to Disney when I was about 8 years old and it was really interesting to see what was different – all the Star Wars stuff – and what was the same – queue times for the Peter Pan ride being absolutely outrageous.

I’d never been to Universal before and my god it was so worth it just for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’ve been to the Studios in London but it’s completely different getting to experience the shops and places as real places. Our first day in Universal Jess and I found out our degree classifications and I was awarded a third which isn’t the greatest but I honestly expected to not even get awarded and I was crying like a baby for about half an hour, the people at Universal must have thought I was mad.

I was there when the shooting happened and it was so incredibly scary, especially as more news came out about it. I’d considered going to the Before You Exit show where Christina Grimmie was shot and then I was at a Thrice show at Disney Springs the night of the Pulse shooting, and from reports he had been considering shooting Disney Springs that night. We kept on doing what we had planned to do every day but it was a really harrowing experience and I was quite glad to get home to Scotland where gun laws aren’t lax.

I miss all the different flavours of fanta they have in the States. Why is UK fanta so shit? And all the Oreo flavours. And I became addicted to cheese Goldfish crackers.

I spent a lot of money, but it’s not a proper holiday if you hold yourself back.

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7 thoughts on “Holiday Blog – Orlando

  1. Such adorable photos!! Wow, that’s crazy you were there during all the terrible happenings recently; I’m glad you are safe and that you enjoyed your vacation! I adore Disney World so much and I really want to go back to Universal now that the new part of the Wizarding World is open. I was there before when they only had Hogsmede and I hear the other part is amazing!

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  2. It looks like you had so much fun!! I want to go to Universal so badly so I can go to The Wizarding World of HP. Maybe I’ll get there in the next few years. 😛
    It must have been really scary to know you were in the same city as the shootings! I’m glad you’re safe though and weren’t there where they happened. The US really needs to step up our gun control laws.

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