Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell 

After reading Fangirl it is now my mission to read everything Rainbow Rowell.

Fangirl is basically my life, apart from the romance aspect because I am painfully single (ok maybe not painfully I don’t mind being single). Cath and Wren, identical twins, go to college and Wren has decided that she’s going to take this time to become independent, completely leaving Cath in a new place on her own. Cath has anxiety and struggles with starting college knowing no one and not knowing where to go. She eventually settles in, finding a couple friends,whilst her sister goes off the rails and her dad struggles with his bipolar disorder back home. Ok so it’s not basically my life but I empathised a lot with Cath.

I have anxiety and depression and like Cath’s mine manifests itself in not liking change very much and not being comfortable going to new places on my own and feeling a bit like a black sheep. I thought Rowell dealt with it very well and wrote the struggles Cath has with her anxiety in a really realistic way.

I also write fanfiction (well the last thing I posted was in March last year but you know) and I can completely relate to Cath’s love of her fandom and how at home she feels in the fandom. And I know what its like to feel protective of your favourite characters and how upsetting it can be when someone insults them.

I adore Levi, I want him for myself. He’s so patient and nice and aw man I wish I knew a guy like that. I mean most of my guy friends will walk me to a taxi or whatever if I ask them but I’ve never had someone just come make sure I was walking home safe. Can I steal him from Cath?

The way Rowell treated Cath’s dad’s bipolar disorder was so good. It wasn’t just brushed under as a quirk or anything like that, it was a real problem and it had real consequences.

Reagan and Cath’s relationship is kind of similar to me and my best friend, and a lot of times the parallels really made me laugh. Honestly most of the book made me laugh. There was so many random moments of humour and I just adored it.

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11 thoughts on “Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell 

  1. I’ve not read any of Rainbow Rowell’s books, but I currently have Carry On sat on my bedside table in my ever-growing TBR! After reading your review and seeing a little about what Fan Girl is about, I’ll definitely be adding that one to the list too. 🙂

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