City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

This review will contain some minor spoilers for previous books.

S0 after reading Clorckwork Angel I was interested to see where this book was going to go, knowing that it was originally going to be a trilogy but also seeing that Clare’s writing seemed to be much better. I was not let down let me tell you.

As The Mortal Instruments was originally supposed to be a trilogy things have kind of gone back to normal in the beginning of City of Fallen Angels: Clary is training, Jocelyn and Luke are sorting their lives out together and Simon is getting to grips with his whole vampire thing. And whilst the beginning was quite normal and I can understand that some people may find this slow, I liked that we got a glimpse into a more normal life for the shadowhunters without the constant fear of Valentine. I’m always a big fan of seeing friendships and relationships in books so it was just nice to see that without everything else going on at the same time.

Now that Clary and Jace know they aren’t related I feel so much more comfortable reading this series. I already knew they weren’t related because, as I have mentioned before, I spoil myself a lot. But even knowing they weren’t related I still felt so uncomfortable because they didn’t know that so to them they were still kissing their sibling so it was just eugh. I’m so glad that’s over. However, Jace exhibits some really strange behaviour in this book, which is part of the plot, but Clary just goes along with it most of the time which is just not great. Like you’ve only known him a couple months girl, don’t let him treat you like shit!

One of the things that I found a bit strange is that now Jocelyn is out of her coma thing she’s still not really a presence and feels like she doesn’t really take an interest in her daughter’s life. I don’t know if it’s because she was too swept up in Luke or what but there was so much going on that she just wasn’t around for and I just left me feeling like ????

I’m so damn glad I’m reading these after they’re all out because the book ends on one hell of a cliffhanger that I know would have driven me absolutely batty. Though I am on holiday when this is being posted so I can’t even start the next one, what a bad time.

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